Our heritage as part of Ogilvy & Mather gives us a unique vantage point and opportunity to truly influence how best to harness the application of data with the need to engender an emotion in someone via a unique and memorable message.

Never before has creative been more important

Consumers are bombarded with 5,000+ advertising messages each and every day, so to ensure your message cuts through requires imagination, guile and knowledge of whom is going to receive the message, when and how. And this is where data comes in. At Neo we believe that just because you can doesn’t mean you should, it is imperative to respect consumers and understand what data is relevant and when you should employ it.

We’ve become pretty good as an industry at chasing consumers around the web, peppering them with adverts for products they’ve looked at and in some cases already bought. But what is the long term damage to a brand by doing so?

Our bespoke and strategic approach enables us to produce effective results for a diverse range of clients.


It is no surprise that consumers are installing ad blockers in ever increasing numbers, because they don’t feel they are receiving a fair exchange of value with advertisers for the use of data and many feel creeped out and deeply uncomfortable.

This is why our in house team of creative and data experts work together on client briefs to develop creative strategies and ideas that harness the data that adds value to the consumer, to ensure that we are protecting a brands equity for the long term as well as delivering media efficiencies in the present.

We buy the plan rather than plan the buy

This means that our thinking isn’t influenced by the media owners we have relationship’s with and their preferred advertising model, but is driven rather by the creative message, the types of data we wish to employ and our ability to tailor the creative to a particular type of consumer on whatever device they happen to be using at the moment of truth