Data is the new oil, or so the saying goes. We at Neo agree with this statement wholeheartedly and therefore data underpins every decision we make on behalf of clients.

At Neo, marketing data specialists are assigned to all of our clients and sit within each of our client media teams. This ensures that data analysis and activation at Neo is never an afterthought or a bolt-on.

Our media optimisation experts work side-by-side with their dedicated client data specialist, receiving the data-driven insights they need, day in, day out, to deliver optimal media performance versus KPIs.

Neo data specialists are trained across all industry standard marketing technology platforms, and are also supported by an in-house team of back-end developers and project managers. Whatever technology stack you use, we can help you to deploy, configure and integrate to get the maximum possible value from your data.

Our Method

Our predictive analytics methodology underpins media planning and execution at Neo, and is centred on the practice of extracting insight from historical data to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends.

Whether your objective is to drive awareness, consideration, engagement or unit sales, we combine data from any number of available sources to model the impact of your media investment. This allows for precise forecasting, budget setting and risk management for your business.

We apply our predictive methodology to media channels, customer segments and dynamic messaging, both during planning and in real-time as activity runs. This ensures that we target the most profitable customer segments, via the right channels, at the optimum level of investment and, crucially, with the right message.

Our bespoke and strategic approach enables us to produce effective results for a diverse range of clients.

Data And Analytics

Win For Both Parties

At Neo we believe that the use of data for marketing is a two-way street: there needs to be a value exchange between the brand and the consumer. The messaging we deliver to customers must be relevant and valuable to them.

Neo was born out of Ogilvy & Mather, the world’s leading creative agency. Relevant, valuable messaging is in our DNA.

At Neo we collaborate with our clients and their creative teams to take full advantage of today’s intersection of data with media and messaging. In practice this means that our predictive approach to analytics delivers exactly the right message to consumers, based on their previous interaction with your brand.

This is just a snapshot of what we do at Neo. If you’d like to find out more, we’d love to hear from you.