Mobile has taken the world by storm; in 2016 mobile devices took up more of our attention than any other platform, with all the data pointing towards continued, and seemingly unstoppable, growth.

In short, we’re beyond the age of mobile-enabled advertising – being on mobile is essential to any integrated campaign.

Yet the growth of mobile into our lives has been less explosive than the figures would suggest. Many of us wouldn’t even notice the average number of times we unlock our phones each day (150!), and certainly not the ways it’s defined how we engage with content.

The Beauty Of Mobile

The beauty of mobile is its utility – simply, we use our mobiles so much because it’s easy. From the being able to search on the move (and without typing), engaging with the world from where we are, to being able to consume content without waiting for a laptop to power up; mobile has changed the way we interact with the digital space more than any other innovation since the development of the internet.

It’s also changed us as consumers; because of mobile we demand more, we are impatient, and we expect every experience to be seamless. As advertisers, we understand this, and build campaigns around it.

Mobile is often the start of a customer’s journey; understand where they are at the end of it.

Our bespoke and strategic approach enables us to produce effective results for a diverse range of clients.


Analyse The User Journey

In an age where customers are using two or three screens at the same time, attribution is key. Using split testing, customer IDs, and first in class analytics, we can build meaningful insight for your business, and piece together the data coming from multiple devices to understand your customer.

Attributing mobile to offline activity is key – using location-based targeting, and in-store data, our clients have had huge success finding what works online, offline.

Neo@Ogilvy is technology and partner agnostic; with mobile ad spend growing at over 30% a year, we understand that in such a fast-moving space, your agency needs to constantly innovate to keep up. We team up with the most efficient, innovative and disruptive partners to ensure that your ad spend goes the furthest, and the best data partners for your business, rather than ours.

Neo@Ogilvy builds seamless experiences across devices and channels, to drive more traffic, sales and revenue for your business.

Stick To What We’re Are Good At

We know what we’re good at, so we stick to it. We don’t build apps, responsive websites, develop content or creative for mobile.
We exist to drive performance across paid search, SEO, display, programmatic and social, and nothing else.