Searching online is ubiquitous, it’s just what people do. ‘Googling’ has been a verb in everyday life for years and with high speed internet connections available almost anywhere, the opportunities are boundless.

PPC can target and deliver messages to users at any given moment, in any location and on any number of devices.

Call us geeks, but that’s what makes PPC such a great channel to work on.

The Benefits Of PPC

The PPC model allows businesses of any size to compete on a level playing field based on their relevancy to a user query. It can capture people at any stage of their journey from awareness through to making a sale. But, to truly unlock the power of search, PPC should to be planned as part of an integrated marketing strategy. People react to stimulus, and if marketing is doing its job properly, it should pique people’s interest to find out more or to take action. Searches for products and services increase dramatically during a TV, radio, press, OOH or digital campaign.

A good search strategy should be the glue that binds everything together; delivering the experience that adds value for the user and captures value (in the form of data, conversions or revenue) for the business.

Our bespoke and strategic approach enables us to produce effective results for a diverse range of clients.


Knowing The Platform Is Key

Despite the relatively simple interface, search engines are always in a state of flux, with innovations and changes happening all the time. Audience targeting, dynamic/feed based ads, shopping ads, various new YouTube formats and targeting options, RLSA, customer match and app campaigns are just a few recent developments which already seem commonplace. Knowing about these changes and understanding the impact they can have on performance can be the difference between leading and getting left behind by competitors.

Neo@Ogilvy has been planning ground-breaking PPC campaigns for over 10 years and has built strong relationships with all of the major search engines allowing our clients access to the latest product betas and whitelists. As a global hub office, the team here in London has experience delivering multinational, multilingual campaigns across global search platforms including; Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Daum, Naver and Yahoo! Japan …to name a few.

Neo@Ogilvy is not tied to any technology partner. We work with all of the major bid management platforms, ad servers and analytics providers which means that we can recommend the best solution for our clients.

We are transparent in everything we do and regularly test new providers to ensure that we understand developments in the market and can pass efficiencies on to clients.

What Is Best For You

As technology becomes more sophisticated, our teams continue to challenge the possibilities to find ways to make our media campaigns more effective. We believe that by working in this way with our clients and their partners we can truly unlock the power of PPC and search.