Programmatic advertising has come a long way since it was first introduced to the media world circa 2000, back then RTB was considered a way of publishers selling its ‘remnant’ inventory in order to increase monthly yields. Now inventory is just as premium as direct buys & just about every adtech company or agency is looking at creating its own programmatic offering as each sees the value in this way of planning & buying media. A recent eMarketer article stated that global programmatic ad spend is expected to reach $64 billion in 2017, an almost $15 billion increase from 2016.

buying media has changed

What remains fact is that the way we buy media has changed. Programmatic buying has advanced from being experimental technology to a must-have in marketers and media agencies toolkit. That being said, the meteoric rise has meant that there has been an explosion of mind-boggling acronyms & adtech/agencies for prospective clients to navigate. According to a recent study 65% of marketers are now considering programmatic within their marketing plans’ & this will grow as more clients become to understand the benefits of buying media this way.

Programmatic buying encompasses most if not all of the traditional media types (Radio, OOH, TV). Programmatic buying is ‘an automatic planned series of future events’. No more or no less, it’s power and effectiveness becomes clear when you combine this way of buying media with rich offline and online data. When done correctly programmatic isn’t only efficient, it helps you craft more sophisticated & targeted campaigns which flourish across devices.

Our bespoke and strategic approach enables us to produce effective results for a diverse range of clients.


Neo’s view and approach to programmatic + best practice

Here at Neo we view programmatic as another way to buy media, but in a smarter more targeted way. Since all of our planners are hybrid we are able to activate traditional media buys (exclusive executions) along with our DSP buys to help achieve efficiencies in media spend. This best practice helps deliver a truly integrated approach whereby learnings can help intelligently inform future campaigns.

In order to navigate & plan fully-fledged programmatic campaigns, we are fully DSP agnostic & follow a synergised planning model that combines traditional display and programmatic planning (LEXICON & ADAPT). This structure helps centre in on client goals & begins to provide a rich understanding of which types of media/tactics will help drive performance for a particular campaign.

Neo@Ogilvy Future Proofing

We know what we’re good at, so we stick to it. Whether it’s increasing brand metrics or selling products and services, business objectives are at the heart of our programmatic media planning and buying.

We supercharge deep understanding of our clients’ business with state of the art technology to deliver business results that matter.