Social Network

It’s an opportunity for brands to actively and personally engage in conversations with their audience, to unlock a yet untapped business potential.

Today 31% of the total population of the world is active on social media channel. Facebook’s 1.7 billion monthly active users spend an average of 20-plus minutes a day on the network. Social media is not just here to stay, but it’s here to guide our decisions with every tweet, comment or video we consume.

It offers the perfect mix of data to understand your audience combined with the medium to communicate with them in a personal, relevant way. The combination can allow brands to go from awareness to sale and advocacy by activating the right levers.

However, the social platform algorithms have shown a steady decline of organic reach of social content – soon believed to hit zero. With every algorithm tweak, a brand’s organic content reach sees a decline. The Social@Ogilvy Facebook Zero report stands to prove this.

Our bespoke and strategic approach enables us to produce effective results for a diverse range of clients.


What’s Relevant For Your Audience

We are here to make sure your brand’s content is built around what’s relevant for your audience, and it reaches the right audiences at the right time, while making sure we help convert any opportunities into sales for you.

We are a team of experts with 360 social media background – this means we are not just your regular media buyers and planners, but also your social media strategists. While we are experts in creating and managing paid social media campaigns, we also have the experience and understanding to develop a strategic approach that considers the full social ecosystem – from customer and content to social data.